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Cagle releases plan on education for 2018 legislative session

Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, who is currently running for the Republican nomination as Georgia’s next Governor, released an education intiative on Wednesday outlining his education plans for the 2018 legislative session.

Cagle has been in elected office since 1994, serving as a State Senator until 2006 before becoming Lieutenant Governor, where he has overseen the operations of the state senate for the last 10 years.

The plan, Cagle says, ‘is a plan to build on our state’s continued pursuit of greater opportunities for our students and to grow a workforce that mets the needs of our state’s expanding economy.’

“Georgia’s education system must be built around the needs of each individual student – and that begins with local control. Our highest priority must be to continue introducing new educational pathways and choices for our students, while freeing teachers to focus their efforts around actual learning over bureaucratic mandates,” Cagle said in his own press release.

From his press release:

Cagle’s 2018 priorities include:

“Acting on these specific measures will better enable local education leaders and parents to make the right choices for our students. Education is the great equalizer that gives every person the ability to earn success with hard work and perseverance,” continued Cagle. “By rewarding individual student progress and achievement over compliance – we will make Georgia a national leader in lifting 3rd grade reading levels, declaring war on high school dropout rates, and growing a workforce that is second to none.”