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Family Sick Leave Legislation Passes Georgia Senate, Heads to House

Have you ever needed to use one of your sick days to take care of a sick child, husband, or parents but your employer would not allow it?

That may change if the House approves family sick leave legislation next week.

SB 201 passed out of the Senate just before crossover day. The bill requires employers to let workers use their sick days to tax care of immediate family members: children, parents, spouses, or any dependent listed on a tax return.


The hope is to give employees the flexibility to care for family members when they may have used all of their vacation time or simply would rather not use it. Opponents of the measure say the bill goes a bit too far into the operations of a business and business owners should be the ones who determine how paid days off are used.

Companies that do not offer sick time, however, would not be affected by this legislation. Similarly, to qualify, the employee has to work at least 30 hours per week and be employed by a company that has 25 or more employees.

The lower chamber is expected to vote on the measure Monday. If passed, it will be sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature.

The text of the bill is below.