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Georgia could lose nearly $30 million in HUD money under new budget

President Trump’s budget proposal has sparked quite the conversation on both sides of the isle, but as they battle it out on the big issues, Georgia could stand to lose a considerable amount of cash from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

If passed, Georgia would be out of pocked $28.8 million in grants and loan guarantees currently provided by the federal agencies. In FY 2017, HUD is providing $166 million on grant programs and $52.4 million in loan guarantees.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

The largest piece of HUD spending in Georgia is the $77 million going to Community Development Block Grants, which is aimed at support of affordable housing and jobs programs. The city receiving the largest share of that money is Atlanta, but most of it is spread around the state.

The second-largest grant program is a $26.3 million program meant to help provide housing for people with AIDS.

Many of the loans go towards economic development for things like housing rehabilitation and public facility projects.

Lawmakers anticipate tweaks to much of the budget before final passage, but as it stands now, the HUD agency budget will decrease 13.2%.