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Georgia ranks 2nd on being strict on drunk drivers

Georgia is considered one of the strictest states in the country on drunk drivers according to a WalletHub study.   Georgia ranks second while Arizona was ranked number 1.  The District of Columbia and South Dakota were considered to be the most lenient on drunk drivers.

Nationally, drunk driving accounted for 29 percent of motor vehicle accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk driving claims roughly 10,000 lives per year – costing Americans $ 44 billion annually.

States that vote majority Republican have tougher laws against drunk drivers than Democratic voting states and Georgia is a majority Republican voting state.

In Georgia, drunk driving fatalities are dropping. Last year, Georgia had 366 fatalities related to drunk driving, which is still too many.

The study divided into two categories: Prevention and Criminal Penalties. For Criminal Penalties, Georgia had the some of the highest rankings for being strict on drunk drivers particularly on insurance rate hikes and driver’s license revocations.