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Officials: Recently Arrested Ware Co. Teacher Gets HIV Charge Added

The high school teacher from Ware County arrested last week after being caught having sex with a teen now has an additional HIV-related violation on his list of charges.

Tracey Crosby, 42, was arrested by the Camden County Sheriff’s Office on November 29 and charged with solicitation of sodomy, but now ‘reckless conduct – HIV infected person’ has been listed as an additional charge, according to¬†First Coast News. His bond is set at $150,000.

Crosby was found by law enforcement officials last week after the mother of the victim notified the Camden County Sheriff’s Office that her son was leaving and would not explain where he was going. The mother reported finding Crosby and the teen having sex in Crosby’s car.

Crosby, a teacher and part-time law enforcement officer for Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, was placed on administrative leave from Ware County High School. The school district is working with law enforcement for the investigation.

Crosby was terminated from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office the day of his arrest.