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Police Who Entered Wrong Home Say Shooting Dog Was Necessary

After what started as a response to a suspicious person 911 call turned into a tragedy that left a dog dead, a homeowner shot, and a DeKalb county office in critical condition, law enforcement is saying the shooting of the dog was necessary.

When the officers entered the home, according to the Associated Press, “he shot McKinley, likely wounded a fellow officer, and killed McKinley’s dog. DeKalb police Officer Benjamin Penrosse, who was not present at the shooting, said in an initial report that McKinley “burst” out of a closed door and that his dog charged police.”

Lawyers for Christopher McKinley, whose Atlanta home was entered mistakenly on August 31, are denying the claims by police that the dog who was shot charged at police officers. Attorney Jeffrey Brickman said the officers did not announce their presence in the home and McKinley was unarmed.

“An innocent person was sitting inside his house, minding his business, watching a movie with his wife,” Brickman said. “And the next thing, officers come into his home, kill his dog in his presence and shoot him.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is still investigating the incident. DeKalb police officer Travis Jones was also shot during the incident.