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Prominent Georgia State Representative accused of sexual assault

A prominent Georgia State Representative is being accused of sexual assault by a news analyst.

First reported by WRLB – TV, Jehmu Green, a Fox News analyst, that the alleged incident occurred in Chicago in 1996. Green came forth with her allegations on her Twitter page this past Friday.

The post states that DNC officers told her to “stay quiet or risk never working for Democrats again.” Green’s post also states that “Democrats need to figure out how we will purge the sexual predators and harassers out of our party.”

Jehmu Green’s Twitter post of alleged sexual assault from Smyre.

State House Representative Calvin Smyre (D – Columbus) released the following statement about the allegations:

“I have recently been made aware of a troubling accusation of sexual misconduct by touching. In an alleged 1996 incident, Jehmu Greene accuses me of touching her inappropriately in an elevator after a night of drinking during the 1996 Democratic Convention. I have not consumed any alcohol of any kind since 1993 and I know I am not the person who inappropriately touched her. I do not doubt the sincerity of her recollection or the legitimacy of her pain. Any accusation of sexual harassment, assault or predatory behavior should always be viewed as a serious matter, and anyone in a position of power has the superior obligation to ensure the victim is not revictimized. However, I do plan on defending myself against these false charges. My legislative record reflects my strong support against sexual assault and for issues facing women in our society.”

Smyre is recently known for his work at obtaining funding and plans to help build the Martin Luther King Jr. statue erected on the State Capitol grounds back in late August.