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State trooper finds explosives during traffic stop

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating after a Georgia State Patrol trooper found homemade explosive devices during a traffic stop.

A trooper was conducting a traffic stop of a Ford Ranger pickup truck in Dade County on December 4 when he located three homemade explosive devices inside the vehicle. The truck was at a Circle K store on Highway 136 in Trenton, Georgia.

The trooper contacted the GBI, the Dade County Sheriff’s Office and the Trenton Police Department in order to begin a joint investigation, which was started immediately.

Authorities obtained a search warrant of the home of Robert C. York, 56, and his passenger, Teshina R. Bates, 36, also of Trenton, was questioned by law enforcement officials. 10 more explosive devices were found at the home of York and they were taken to a secure location to be destroyed.

Both York and Bates were arrested and charged with 13 counts of possessing, transporting, receiving explosives or destructive devices with the intent to kill, injure, or intimidate individuals or destroy public buildings (OCGA 16-7-88).

Law enforcement officials are asking anyone with information to contact the GBI office in Calhoun at 706-624-1424, the Dade County Sheriff’s Office at 706-657-3233, or the Trenton Police Department at 706-657-4167.