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Trump denies ‘s-hole’ comment, but Democrats are in turmoil over DACA deal

After a media firestorm about the immigration policies surrounding DACA, three sources from a meeting say that President Trump called countries, such as Haiti, ‘s-hole countries’.

President Trump did not deny that DACA discussions were tough, but the president is denying that he called those countries ‘s-holes countries’ according to his Twitter feed.

According to the Washington Post, Trump described countries like Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa as “s-hole countries.”

Trump expressed frustration about the incorrect leaks of his alleged comments and added that he should probably “record” audio of future meetings with members of Congress in the future.

Meanwhile, the DACA deal within the Democratic party is not going well.

Many Democrats, mainly in the House, are disappointed their leaders would even consider discussing issues beyond legal status for “Dreamers” and limited measures to curb illegal immigration. Because of the internal fighting within the Democratic Party, combined with hard-line illegal anti-immigration Republicans, the different factions among Democrats could put the passage of DACA deal at risk.