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Trump wants work requirements for Medicaid

The Trump administration announced Thursday he wants states to test and impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients.

A letter sent to state Medicaid directors on Thursday said the move would help “improve Medicaid enrollee health and well-being through incentivizing work and community engagement.”

Officials within the Center for Medicaid Services say that states need the flexibility to best address the needs of their population.

The testing program under CMS guidance would make skills training, education, job search, and volunteering or caregiving as a requirement to receive Medicaid benefits for “able-bodied working aged” adults. However, the requirement would not apply to individuals who are disabled, beneficiaries who are elderly, children, and pregnant women.

The Kaiser Family Foundation also conducted a poll in 2017, which revealed 70 percent of the public support allowing states to impose work requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries.

Opponents of the Medicaid work requirements say that it does not help the poor and impoverished and leaves individuals without insurance. Opponents of the work requirement say states could deny benefits to people who have barriers to work such as mental illness and substance abuse.